5 Jewels of Analyst Relations


Innogress has threaded its key services as Jewels to offer you a holistic, integrated and continuous Analyst Relations Engagement Program called '5 Jewels of Analyst Relations'. Be it Startup or SMB or Investing firm, 5 Jewels going to enable them with Strategic Market Intelligence to accelerates their businesses

Diamond:  Diamond Market Intelligence Accelerator for your target Markets 

Alexandrite:  Alexandrite Competitive Intelligence Accelerator for your target firms 

Beryl:  Beryl Go-To-Market (GTM) Accelerator for your target Markets

Sapphire:  Sapphire Business Deals Accelerator for your firm

Opal: Opal Innovation Accelerator for navigating you to path-breaking innovations  

5 Jewels of Business Performance Improvement

We can customize our '5 Jewels' Program for Quarter to Quarter cycle or Half Yearly Cycle or Annual Cycle or as per your information Cyclicity need to facilitate your decision making process